BookHoof: Creation of a children’s book


BookHoof is an association for the production and promotion of children’s literature.

Students will work in concert to produce a children’s book with illustrations. An ideal group would comprise of three writers, two illustrators and one designer/writer.


The objective is for students to work on creating and producing a publishable electronic children’s book.

There is a choice of 3 themes that students can focus on to create and write their children’s books:

  1. technology and the future and give children an imagining of what the world will be like in 30 to 40 years’ time. Alternatively, the book story could be set in the 1970s and present how different the world is now, in 2017 – computers, smartphones, the internet, drones, robots, big data etc…
  2. how things work: cars, airplanes, space rockets, renewable energies, the human body etc..
  3. particular aspects of non-European culture, eg. African culture, the African landscape and wildlife or the African way of life.


Produce a collection of children’s books in an electronic book format (ebooks) which will be publishable on an open-source platform.

Key words

Technology / Future / Innovation / Machines / Mechanisms / Evolution / Development / Digital / Non-European culture


Spencer Hawkridge (Centrale Nantes)